National Civil War Centre

1 May 2015

Over 360 years after the end of the British Civil Wars the UK's first centre dedicated to recounting this epic clash was launched in Newark on 3 May. The explosive conflict from 1638 to 1653 began in Scotland and ended in Ireland with the iconic battles of Marston Moor and Naseby and three sieges of Newark in between.

9 June 2015

Torc Necklace

After being kept safe by the British Museum one of the most important artefacts ever found in Nottinghamshire has returned home. A 2,000 year old Iron Age Torc has gone on display at the National Civil War Centre in Newark just a few miles from where it was discovered on farmland in 2005 by local metal detectorist Maurice Richardson.

24 August 2015

NCWC gallery

His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex will officially open the National Civil War Centre on Friday 25 September.

17 January 2018

The National Civil War Centre has been celebrating since achieving full accreditation as a nationally-styled museum from Arts Council England.

6 February 2018

As the country marks one hundred years since the Representation of the People Act 1918, the National Civil War Centre is delighted to announce that the first of its new temporary exhibitions will honour this centenary.

1 March 2018

The National Civil War Centre has announced the second of its new temporary exhibitions, which will open this month.

14 June 2019

There are huge changes afoot at the National Civil War Centre as we 'turn our museum upside down' to open two exciting new exhibitions.


5 September 2019

On Thursday 5 September 2019, the doors were opened to a brand new exhibition titled The World Turned Upside Down at Newark's National Civil War Centre.