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Meet the Experts

‌Enjoy in-depth history podcasts and presentations from our expert Collections Team. 

Episode One - Stone Age Newark 
Exhibitions and Collections Assistant Kevin Winter provides a detailed exploration of Newark's Stone Age past in this fascinating presentation.


Episode Two - Bronze Age Newark 
Our Meet The Experts series continues chronologically exploring Newark's past, this time with the Bronze Age.

Episode Three - Iron Age Newark 
Discover what life was like in Newark 2000 years ago, during the Iron Age.

Episode Four - Roman Newark 
The focus moves on to Newark and the surrounding area during the Roman era.

Episode Five - Anglo Saxon & Viking Newark 
This edition of Meet the Experts sees Collections and Exhibitions Assistant Kevin Winter follow Newark's past into the Anglo Saxon and Viking era.

Episode Six - Norman & Medieval Newark 
In-house historical expert Kevin Winter moves on to The Middle Ages in his journey through Newark's past.

Episode Seven - Tudor & Early Stuart Newark 
Exhibitions and Collections Assistant Kevin Winter continues to follow Newark's journey, this time from Henry VII's seizure of the crown in 1485 to the death of James I in 1625.

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