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Making History!

‌‌‌‌On this page, you'll find all sorts of ideas for getting hands on with history as our crafty experts, the Quarantine Cavaliers, get busy showing families how to make all sorts of fun historical creations, from homemade musical instruments to the head of King Charles I! Check back for more coming soon.

Making Music!

Learn how to make your own musical instruments at home with our fun stop-motion tutorials:

Once you've created your drum and learned how to drum like a soldier from our tutorials, download your Drumming Certificate to show off to your family: Drumming Certificate (PDF File, 155kb) (PDF File, 155kb)


Stay Home and Make History

Join Quarantine Cavalier Denise for fantastic craft tutorials which show you how to use items you'll find in your home to create fun history-themed crafts!

Make A King Charles I‌

Make A Pikeman's Pot Helmet

Make Your Own 'Leather' Bound Diary


Baking History!

  • We've all admired the beautiful golden Newark Torc in our collection (find out more about it in our Star Objects section) and now you can make your very own golden brown torc at home! Plus, while it's definitely not advisable to chomp down on thousands of years-old jewellery dug up by metal detectorists, these Pretzel Torcs are absolutely delicious! Download the recipe here: How To Make Pretzel Torcs (PDF File, 610kb) (PDF File, 610kb)
  • Learn about British Civil War flags, create your own standard and enjoy some delicious carrot cake with our Carrot Cake Cornets Recipe (PDF File, 621kb) (PDF File, 621kb)


Quick Crafts


Civil WARdrobe

Make a whole host of fantastic costumes and accessories with our Civil WARdrobe activities!