Council managers

Elected councillors decide on the key policies of the council. Paid Council officers then put those policies into practice and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Council’s business.

The Council is managed by the Chief Executive.

The Deputy Chief Executive and Directors are each responsible for certain areas of the Council's work.

The Council employs 430 staff, including refuse collectors, planners, environmental health officers and many others responsible for a wide range of services in the local community. By law, senior council staff are not allowed to participate in any party political promotion and are expected to advise and assist all councillors.

Our structure

Our management structure (PDF File, 171kb) is split by responsibility area into:

  • communities and environment
  • resources
  • customer services and organisational development
  • growth and regeneration
  • housing, health and wellbeing
  • law and democratic services

John Robinson

Chief Executive

Responsible for the work of the Council's paid staff.


  • Leadership
  • Strategic direction   
  • Policy advice
  • Partnerships 
  • Operational management
  • Returning Officer
  • Community Plan

Sanjiv Kohli

Director of Resources and Deputy Chief Executive


  • S151 officer
  • Corporate Property
  • Commercialisation and Major Projects
  • Financial services
  • ICT and Digital Services
  • Revenues and Benefits

Deborah Johnson

Director of Customer Services and Organisational Development


  • HR and Training
  • Administrative Services
  • Customer Services
  • Transformation and Communications

Matthew Finch

Director of Communities and Environment


  • Public Protection
  • Environmental Services
  • Heritage and Culture

Matt Lamb

Director of Planning and Growth


  • Economic Growth and Visitor Economy
  • Planning Development
  • Planning Policy

Suzanne Shead

Director of Housing Health and Wellbeing


  • Housing and Estates Management
  • Housing Income and Leaseholder Management
  • Housing Maintenance and Asset Management
  • Housing Strategy and Development
  • Housing, Health and Community Relations

Sue Bearman

Assistant Director for Law and Democratic Services


  • Law and Information Governance
  • Democratic Services
  • Monitoring Officer