National Civil War Centre

Volunteer Insights - Darryl

"Since 2017 the National Civil War Centre has offered conducted tours of Newark.

These tours are led by volunteers who have been provided with training using a script produced by the Centre. The tours usually last for 75 minutes. The tour programmes begin in early spring and continue into late autumn.

There are two themes provided by the tour guides. Firstly there is a town tour featuring prominent locations and buildings of Newark. Secondly the Civil War tour uses particular town sites to highlight Newark’s role in the Civil War that devastated 17th century life in Britain.

The tours generally centre around Newark’s unique market square which is surrounded by historic buildings, some of which date back to the 15th century. Dominating the square is the 18th century Town Hall.

When first starting as a tour guide it is quite a challenge to learn off-by-heart the many facts and stories which help define the history of Newark.

Naturally, over time, you become more confident but there is a need to find ways of improving your presentation.

Also there are a few hurdles to overcome whilst leading a tour such as sudden rain showers and busy crowds, especially on market days. Choosing the right place to deliver a brief talk is important as you want to minimise disruption of the tour and the activity of the market.

At the end of the tour questions and discussion are welcome. So far the tours have had an enthusiastic response." - Darryl, National Civil War Centre Volunteer and Town Tour Guide