National Civil War Centre

Crafty Corner

‌Welcome to our page for serious crafters. Have you ever wanted to know how to knit a Charles I doll?  Can you knit a battlefield? Give it a go with our Quarantine Cavaliers' knitting patterns and tutorial videos. 

Knit Your Own King Charles I with our fabulous knitting pattern:Knit Your Own King Charles I! (PDF File, 1,857kb) (PDF File, 1,857kb) 

Knit A Battlefield With Us!

Join us in an epic attempt to recreate a Civil War battle with wool! 

The Battle of Naseby took place in open farmland. We would like to bring the landscape and characters of this decisive battle to life in the museum but we need your help! We're imagining knitted soldiers, horses, cows, a rabbit warren, hills and perhaps even a windmill. But let’s start simple and knit some fields! For more information on how to help us in this amazing endeavour, click on the patterns below: 

The Knit A Battlefield Project (PDF File, 1,785kb) (PDF File, 1,785kb) 

Knit A Cavalry Soldier (PDF File, 772kb) (PDF File, 772kb)

Knit A War Horse (PDF File, 1,759kb) (PDF File, 1,759kb)

Knit A Pikeman (PDF File, 1,235kb) (PDF File, 1,235kb) 

Musketeer Pattern (PDF File, 1,243kb) (PDF File, 1,243kb)

Patchwork Palace

We've also joined forces with our neighbours, the Palace Theatre, in their centenary year, to celebrate with an exciting crafty project! We're sewing up the past and commemorating their 100 years with a patchwork of memories. To find out more about how to submit your own patch, visit their website here.