Business growth and resilience programme

Local businesses in the Newark and Sherwood district are being offered support and guidance by professional industry experts to help them in what will be a critical year for all businesses as they recover from the impact of the pandemic.

The ‘Business Growth and Resilience Programme’, which has been set up and funded by Newark and Sherwood District Council, is linking business service specialists with local businesses in four key business sectors: manufacturing and construction, accommodation, retail, food and beverage and health and social care. 

The programme offers a series of tailored workshops and sessions to local businesses within these four business sectors.  Programmes are either 12 or 16 weeks in length and include a number of 1-2-1 workshops or mentoring sessions, reviews of business models, training opportunities and more. Those who take part in the programme could also be eligible to apply for a discretionary grant. This grant could be spent by the local business in any way they best see fit to help their recovery and growth.

The programme will provide local businesses with the latest guidance from industry experts whom will have a skill set and specialism in the identified sector. This advice and guidance would support local businesses to adapt, seek new markets, develop a new business plan or marketing plan, modify their ways of working, assist in identifying new markets or products, establish new supply chains, or provide brokerage for skills and training.

Take a look below at which business expert suits the needs of your business.

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Vispera - support for accommodation providers

Established since 1994, Vispera Ltd provide business training, coaching and mentoring, always striving to make a positive difference within organisations by facilitating exceptional programs of support that result in business and individuals' growth.

Email or call 07761 130 455 to find out more and apply.

Business Savings Experts - support for retail, food and beverage sector

Business Savings Experts, who work with businesses to improve business performance is offering tailored 1-2-1 face to face and on line specialist consultations to business owners aimed at confronting challenges to growth along with identifying potential solutions that may qualify for grant funded support.

Email or call 07551 122470 to find out more and apply.

Business Doctor - support for manufacturing and construction sector

One of the specialists is Business Doctors, which was set up in 2004 with the aim of providing small and medium-sized business owners affordable business support and guidance, has been brought on board to run a 16-week Business Resilience and Growth Programme to help with companies in the manufacturing and construction sector.

Email or call 07770 346384 to find out more and apply.

Deyton Bell - support for health and social care businesses

Deyton Bell, which has extensive experience in providing economic development and business support services to businesses and local authorities across the East of England, will offer an initial assessment to each business to agree an action plan of support comprising of training, workshops and mentoring.

Email or call 07990 587597 to find out more and apply.