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17th Century Tales

17th Century Tales from Cavalier Newark, recorded from a secret location deep undercover in Roundhead Nottingham by our very own Adam Nightingale. Delve into fascinating stories about the Civil War and find out what really happened right here in Newark and Nottinghamshire. Warning – these stories contain some fairly gruesome facts!

Our podcasts are now all available to listen to on 17th Century Tales on Acast.

Episode One - The 3 Sieges of Newark
A brilliant background into Newark life during the three sieges.

Episode Two - The Three Brothers
Episode 2 of 17th Century Tales sees our covert Cavalier Adam Nightingale explore the fascinating story of Thomas, Roland and Francis Hacker, brothers torn apart by divided allegiances during the Civil War.

Episode Three - Spy Story
This week, join our wonderful host Adam Nightingale as he delves into the sophisticated spy networks of the Civil War and uncovers the unsavoury details of a smuggling attempt right here in Newark!

Episode Four - Mad Madge
This week our brilliant host Adam Nightingale explores one of the 17th century's most fascinating characters, the extraordinary Margaret Cavendish, known, somewhat unkindly, as Mad Madge.

Episode Five - The Daredevil Diarist
Our fabulous podcaster Adam Nightingale returns for more Civil War stories from his secret location undercover in Roundhead Nottingham. This week the focus is on a storyteller from the 1600s, John Twentyman, who was a pub landlord here in Newark.

Episode Six - The Fighting Prince Pt 1
17th Century Tales is back with the story of one of the most fascinating characters not just of the 1600s but in all British history, the multi-talented enigmatic Prince Rupert!

Episode Seven - The Fighting Prince Pt 2
Storyteller extraordinaire Adam Nightingale continues relaying the fascinating exploits of Prince Rupert!

Episode Eight - The Rubbish Roundhead
This week our brilliant host Adam Nightingale turns his gaze to a Roundhead! But don't worry Royalist followers, this was pretty Rubbish Roundhead Major General Thomas Ballard, who was essentially responsible for causing the Parliamentarians' first siege of Newark to fail so spectacularly!

Episode Nine - The Puritan Power Couple
This week, 17th Century Tales goes full on Roundhead as our host Adam Nightingale discusses the 1600s' answer to Kimye, Bennifer and J-Rod... well maybe not quite, but the amazing Lucy and John Hutchinson were certainly a force to be reckoned with among Parliamentarian thinkers, listen to find out more!

Episode Ten - One Town, Four Governors Pt 1
In the penultimate episode of 17th Century Tales, host Adam Nightingale goes Cavalier with a vengeance, looking at two of Newark's Civil War governors, John Henderson and Richard Byron.

Episode Eleven - One Town, Four Governors Pt 2
17th Century Tales returns for the triumphant final episode of the series, as host Adam Nightingale continues the fascinating story of Newark's four Civil War Governors.