National Civil War Centre
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Secondary Schools

Children listening to a costumed actor

Key Stage 3 History

The development of church, state and society in Britain, 1509-1745 

Your visit includes a gallery session in the museum and your choice of workshops.

Each session takes about an hour.

We can also timetable a visit to the shop and to the temporary galleries.




Price per pupil

Gallery session and one workshop

2 hours


Gallery session and two workshops

Full day (approximately 10.15am - 2.15pm)


Gallery session and three workshops

Longer day (approximately 9.45am - 2.45pm)



Session Title

Session Content

Session length

Arms and Armour

An object based session that examines the weapons and strategy used during the Civil War. Handle typical civil war armour and weapons, learn how they were used and take part in musket and pike drills. Students will investigate the realities of 17th century warfare, discovering the difficulties of coordinating a successful battle and examining the human cost.

1 hour

The Trial and Execution of Charles I

This interactive drama based session examines the events of Charles I’s trial and puts students in the roles of the Judges, guards and even the King himself. Students will use archive sources to investigate the issues surrounding the trial and Charles I’s ultimate execution. Was the trial legal? Should he have lost his head? Let your students decide.

1 hour

Last Town Standing Tour

Meet John Twentyman or his wife Jane and find out what life was really like during the Civil War. This character led tour introduces students to the surviving Civil War buildings of Newark and the important stories that they tell us about its role in the war. Discover why Newark was so strategically important, the nationally significant events that happened here and the key people who visited Newark in this fun participatory tour. (Please note, this tour takes place outside so appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn)

1 hour

No Surrender!  (Launching Autumn 2019)

Meet John Bellasyse or Lady Leake and follow the story of the three sieges of Newark.  Spend some time in Newark Castle and uncover its secrets.  How did this castle become a ruin?  Where did the Royalists make and store their gunpowder?  Why did they mint siege coins? Why did our soldiers try to raid Nottingham dressed as women? Find out about Newark’s rivalry with Nottingham and relationships with other local towns and cities. (Please note, this tour takes place outside so appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn) 1 hour

The Three Brothers (Launching Autumn 2019)

During a civil war, families can be torn apart by their allegiances.  The three Hacker brothers from Newark faced this problem.  In The Three Brothers, we examine the causes of the civil wars, looking at sources such as forced loan letters and Lucy Hutchinson’s diary. 

Unlike his brothers, Francis Hacker rose through the Parliamentarian ranks, lived through the Interregnum and died in the regicide trials.  Through this investigation, we discuss the question ‘Why would you choose to fight on a different side from your father or brothers?’  
1 hour

Naseby Fight – How to lose a civil war (Launching Spring 2020)

 Where did the Royalists do wrong?  Could you do any better?

Experience some problem solving with the Royalists at Naseby in this fun and lively game.  You will receive instructions from King Charles I and his Generals.  Make tactical decisions and consider your best fighting strategies to see if you can change history and win the battle.  

 1 hour

Newark Castle

For January 2020, we wil also be offering facilitated school visits to Newark Castle.

Please contact us on if you would like to find out more.