National Civil War Centre

A/AS Level

Grasping the Civil War – Get the chance to handle real and replica Civil War artefacts and question the experts on the impact, ramifications and legacy of the Civil Wars. This session can be tailored to look at particular aspects of the conflict based on where you are in your course. Learn with us AAS level inset 1

The Trial and Execution of Charles I - This interactive drama based session examines the events of Charles I’s trial and puts students in the roles of the Judges, guards and even the King himself. Students will use archive sources to investigate the issues surrounding the trial and Charles I’s ultimate execution. Was the trial legal? Should he have lost his head? Let your students decide.

Last Town Standing: This tour introduces students to the surviving Civil War buildings of Newark and what they they tell us about its role in the war. View Parliamentarian slighting first hand and visit the places King Charles made some key decisions. Students will uncover the strategic importance of Newark in the conflict, the nationally significant events that happened and the key people who visited Newark during the war (Please note that this tour takes place outside the National Civil War Centre in Newark Town so participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes and bring appropriate outerwear)

Learn with us AAS level inset

King or Parliament? Who was to blame? Was King Charles a decadent tyrant or did Parliament demand too much? Investigate the growing tensions between the monarchy and parliament in his object and sources based session. Students will use their enquiry skills evaluate the growing chasm in relations between Parliament and the King which ultimately led to the outbreak of hostilities in 1642.