National Civil War Centre



We run regular activities and entertainments for families during the school holidays, details of which can be found here.

Civil War

Dress up in Civil War era costumes, have a game of Pikes and Ladders or take one part in one of our themed trails.
Interact with one of our touch screens to learn more about the Civil War.

Newark Museum

Take a look at how Newark came to be the town we know today with our interactive screen.
Learn how an archaeological dig progresses with our touch screen game.

Shaking the Foundations and Cutting Edge

Our fantastic new exhibitions have loads of great interactive elements for kids to get hands on with history. In Shaking the Foundations, our exhibition on the history of the fight for universal suffrage, take a stand on our soap box, place a vote in our authentic ballot box and create some propoganda of your own. In Cutting Edge, an exhibition which features examples of the incredible advancements in weaponry of the Civil War, test your mettle in our 'weightscoat' which simulates the weight of a coat of armour!

Battle Scarred

An exhibit showing a more gruesome side to history. Have a go at extracting a bullet from an injured arm, have a sniff of herbal remedies and take your chances with our kill or cure quiz.
You can also try on a plague mask to see through the eyes of a 17th century doctor.