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Gloved hand holding a coinBrand new for September 2019 - A level day

Bring your year 12 and 13 students to the National Civil War Centre for an inspiring, object-focussed day of learning.

We also offer sessions tailored to your requirements.

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Suggested timetable:

10am    Arrive

10.15    Gallery session

11.15    Coins & Kingship

11.45    Weapons of War

12.15    Lunch

12.45    Paper Bullets

13.30    Last Town Standing/Trial & Execution

14.30    End

Session Title

Learning focus

Session Content

Session length

Civil War Galleries and Cinema Experience

Viewing different interpretations of history.

Students are free to visit the permanent and temporary galleries at their own pace.  Unlike the other sessions, this session is not facilitated by our staff.

1 hour

Coins and Kingship

Charles I’s aims and problems in 1625

The course and outcome of the civil war

Using primary sources

In this opening session, which uses coins from the museum’s collection, we explore James I and Charles I’s vision of kingship and the Divine Right.  Students are encouraged to interrogate the objects, using structured questioning and historical skills.


30 minutes

Paper Bullets

Causes of the civil wars

Royalist and Parliamentarian strengths and weaknesses

Forced loans and financial policies

Formation of and instructions to the New Model Army

Using primary sources

In small groups, students examine some original archive material, including these tracts and speeches:

Laude’s speech to the Star Chamber

Reynor’s Sermon

Rupert’s Relief of Newark

A Strange Accident at Newark.

Students aim to find out who wrote the document and when, what event is being described, where and by whom it was printed, as well as its significance as a historical source.


45 minutes

Weapons of War

Using primary sources

Everyone wants to have a go at holding a 400 year old sword!  In this session, students freely handle a selection of 17th century artefacts including swords, guns, cannonballs and shot.

30 minutes

Last Town Standing

Course and outcome of the first civil war

Royalist and Parliamentarian strengths and weaknesses

This tour introduces students to the surviving Civil War buildings of Newark and the important stories that they tell us about the town’s role in the war. Discover why Newark was so strategically important, the nationally significant events that happened here and the key people who visited Newark. Includes Newark Castle.  (Please note this tour takes place outside so appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn)

Note:  The Queen’s Sconce is one of England’s best surviving civil war earthworks.  It is possible to include this in your visit if you have extra time – it takes about 20 minutes to walk there from the National Civil War Centre.


1 hour

Trial and Execution

The basis for regicide and the king’s response

The Restoration Settlement

This interactive, drama-based session examines the events of Charles I’s trial and puts students in the roles of the Judges, guards and even the King himself.  Students will use archive sources to investigate the issues surrounding the trial and Charles’ ultimate execution.  Was the trial legal?  Should he have lost his head?  Let your students decide.


1 hour

Newark Castle

For January 2020, we wil also be offering facilitated school visits to Newark Castle.

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