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Sunday 8th May

Newark'46- Beaten, but not bowed

Join us again on Sunday 8th May to witness the surrender of Newark re-enacted

‌‌Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd May

Pikes and Plunder: Annual Civil War Festival

We are pleasured to reveal details about this year's Civil War Festival Pikes and Plunder!

Women, Writing and the Civil War

Saturday 12th March 2.30pm

Women who undertook a risky trip to Egypt, but fell foul of the Spanish Inquisition, cunning spies and rioting bands picketing Parliament. All examples of how women found their voice during the Civil Wars. This amazing history will be recounted by our academic advisor Maureen Bell with a fascinating free talk.* 

Tuesday 23rd February 1pm

Kevin Winter, Exhibitions and Collections Assistant at the National Civil War Centre, will be tracing the history of ring giving as tokens of love and friendship in a free lunchtime talk *.


We are very proud to welcome the Kings Lifeguard of Foote to the National Civil War Centre this Valentine's Day!



Civil War Family

Saturday 13th to Sunday 21st of February

Families were divided and brother fought brother, but love and friendship still survived in secret! ‌Find out about hidden love stories and how to send secret messages this February half-term.

Friday 30th March - Sunday 15th April

Hear Civil War swordsmith superstar Andrea Ferrara tell all about his mysterious life and get armed to the hilt making your own (cardboard) sword, cannon and battle wound!

‌Saturday 10th - Sunday 25th February

Most 17th century soldiers were men but a few courageous women risked it all, donned men’s clothes and took to the battlefield.  Meet a gallant she-soldier and hear why she went to war for love. You can also plant a potted potion to help friendship grow and create a love token inspired by our collection.

Saturday 10th March, 2.30pm

Martyn Bennett, Professor of Early Modern History at Nottingham Trent University, discusses his latest book, Cromwell At War: The Lord General and his Military Revolution.

Saturday 3rd February, 2.30pm

Professor Nicholas Saunders, from the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at Bristol University, presents a talk inspired by his upcoming book Desert Insurgency: T.E. Lawrence, Archaeology and the Arab Revolt.

Monday 19th February, 7pm - The Old Malt Shovel

Join the Friends of the National Civil War Centre for a fantastic fundraising quiz!

Saturday 20th January 2:30pm - 4pm

The event marks the publication of a new book of essays by leading historians reevaluating the life of John Lilburne.

Saturday 23rd December to Sunday 7th January

Become a Roundhead spy this Covert Christmas at the National Civil War Centre


Sunday 10th December, 10am to 4pm

A fantastic display of 17th century life with demonstrations of period trades, a fascinating talk on feasting and more.

Saturday 25th November, 10.30am to 2.30pm

Bring along your finds to have them assessed by expert Alastair Willis.

Saturday 4th November

How did a small cog in a big scheme become the fall guy for the whole operation?

Saturday 18th November, 2.30pm

Join Simon Marsh of the Battlefields Trust for a fascinating talk on the culmination of King Charles' post-Edgehill quest for London

Saturday 21st - Sunday 29th October

Frightfully fun activities for all the family this half-term with Boye the devil dog!

Tuesday 31st October, 8pm

A truly chilling evening awaits you at the National Civil War Centre this Halloween as the Tudor Hall plays host to one of cinema's most horrifying cult classics, Witchfinder General

Saturday 14th October, 2.30pm

Join Christine Davies to explore how the modern witch hunts of Europe (1485-1700) affected Nottinghamshire

Saturday 9th September, 2.30pm

Join our Collections & Exhibitions Assistant, Kevin Winter, as he charts his growing interest in TE Lawrence over the years

Saturday 16th September, 2.30pm

Join an expert guide who will lead you through the Civil War-torn streets of historic Newark.


Saturday 9th September, 1pm

Take in the full breadth of this fascinating town's rich history on this guided tour of Newark.

Saturday 29 July to Sunday 3 September

Children can uncover a wealth of weird and wonderful stories at our summer of 17th century science.

Saturday 15 July, 2.30pm

John Goldsmith, Chairman of the Cromwell Association, will discuss how Civil War collections have been assembled in the past.

Saturday 27th May - Sunday 4th June

Join us for a half-term of siege-themed family activities, crafts and performances.

Saturday 24th June, 2.30pm

Join Alan Payne, Vice Chair of the T E Lawrence Society as he analyses Lawrence's relationship with Brough Superior motorcycles and hear his take on Lawrence's fatal accident.

Saturday 27th May, 2.30pm

Join Imogen Peck, researcher at the University of Bristol, as she explores the struggle that occurred in early modern England over the commemoration of that most difficult of memories, the killing of a king. 

Sunday 30th April - Monday 1st May

Over 300 re-enactors, live musket fire & major living history displays across Newark! 

Saturday 1st - Monday 17th April

Easter holiday performances and craft activities. Come hear Oliver Cromwell’s BFF Edmund Ludlow tell how the same man that banned Christmas also loved a good custard pie fight!

Saturday 22nd April, 2.30pm

Join Keith Dowen, Assistant Curator at the Royal Armouries, to discover how armourers responded to 17th century weaponry developments

Saturday 11th March, 2.30pm

Join Dr Maureen Bell to discover the incredible life of a woman who dared to trespass publically on male territory

Sunday 12th March, 10am to 4pm

An exciting day of drill and living history at the National Civil War Centre and musket fire at Newark Castle

Saturday 11th - Sunday 19th February

Stand and deliver! Before during and after the Civil War, England’s highways were menaced by flashy, well dressed criminals robbing the rich and keeping it all for themselves. But did you know that the greatest highwayman of the civil war period was actually a woman?

Lawrence of Arabia's War

Saturday 4th February, 2:00pm

On the basis of sensational new evidence from archaeological fieldwork, archaeologist and historian Dr Neil Faulkner will contrast the legend of Lawrence of Arabia with the true story of what happened. Is the legend a myth? Was Lawrence, as some claim, a liar and a charlatan? Or does the legend reflect reality?

Illustration of execution of Charles I

‌Sunday 29th of January at 11am, 12pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Happy Charles the Martyr Day! When King Charles I got his head chopped off on 30th of January 1649 he became the last ever person to be made a Saint by the Church of England. But was  he really a Saint or a just silly old fool? Join us and find out as we subject Charles to the strictest standards of Sainthood the church has to offer. Will Charles ascend to the heavens or end up in the other place? Join us and find out.

TE Lawrence

Saturday 28 January, 2:00pm

We are delighted to present a script in hand performance of a new play by Great Arab Revolt Project writer in residence Jan Woolf, who literally ‘dug a play out of the desert’. To coincide with our current temporary exhibition Shifting Sands: Lawrence of Arabia and the Great Arab Revolt, Woolf’s play weaves together Lawrence’s complex personality with the history of then and the urgency of now.

Covert Christmas image

Wednesday 21 December to Monday 2 January, 10am to 4pm

The Civil War is over and Christmas has been banned by the Roundheads. But one man is still partying- Walter Hogbrawl just can’t leave Christmas alone! He has been spotted carrying out banned Christmas traditions – this must stop!

The Leveller Revolution

Saturday 14 January, 2:00pm

The Levellers were formed out of the explosive and tumultuous 1640s and the battlefields of the Civil War and became central figures in the history of democracy. Join author, broadcaster and activist John Rees to discover more about this radical group.

Friday 2 December, 7pm to 8pm. Free admission*

Join us to hear archaeologist and broadcaster Julian Richards  explain how Stonehenge sparked the idea for his BBC 2 TV series 'Meet the Ancestors' and how art and science came together to bring to life some of our ancient ancestors.

Saturday 10 December, 2:30pm

The Civil Wars were a time of great social, military and political upheaval. As the whole of society engaged in a bloody war both Parliament and the Royalists soon realised the importance of looking after their soldiers.

Saturday 19 November and Sunday 20 November, 10am to 3pm

Did your Grandfather or Great Grandfather serve in the Middle East during World War I? If so the National Civil War Centre & Cardiff University want to hear from you.

Guy Fawkes

Saturday 5th November at 11am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm

He has gone down in history as one of England's most notorious traitors. But was Guy Fawkes actually just a fall guy? 

Saturday 19 November, 2:30pm


Join us to hear Philip Neale, Chairman of the T E Lawrence Society,  trace the extraordinary life of Lawrence of Arabia to coincide with our new temporary exhibition:  Shifting Sands: Lawrence of Arabia and the Great Arab Revolt.

22nd October- 30th October 2016

The Civil War was a time of unusual beliefs. Join us for exciting performances and craft activities that explore the exceedingly odd world of 17th Century superstition. 

Michael Constantine in Civil War Gallery

Saturday 17 September, 2:30pm

Join us to hear Michael Constantine, Manager of the National Civil War Centre, unveil how the Centre was developed from dream to fruition.


‌Saturday 23rd July- Sunday 4th September 

Newark was beseiged three times during the British Civil Wars so join us for a Summer of siege activities. 

Nell Gwyn

Join costume historian and dressmaker Meridith Towne for this lively presentation as she explores the fascinating life of Nell Gwyn, Charles II's favourite, and most famous, mistress.

June Half-term Holiday activities. 28 May to 5 June

Celebrate the King's return with us this half-term. After over a decade of Roundhead rule, Charles II has returned to take back his father's throne. Help remake the crown jewels. Create a floppy eared King Charles Spaniel puppet. Meet a Royalist Musketeer. If you're feeling particularly courageous you can meet Charles II himself and find out just what made him so angry in 1660!

Bullet Extractor

Saturday 14 May 2.30pm

Early modern doctors and surgeons suffer from a poor public image, with a reputation for being poorly qualified ‘quacks’ with superstitious remedies, or bloodthirsty butchers liberally hacking off limbs. However, was this really the reality during the British Civil Wars?

Combermere Legacy Book Cover Small

‌Tuesday 26th January, 1pm start, FREE tickets available from Reception National Civil War Centre, Newark.

We welcome civil war ace and author DW Bradbridge for the launch of his exciting new book, the Combermere Legacy--a swashbuckling murder mystery tale from the civil wars! The talk will focus on the importance of Cheshire and the Battle of Nantwich in the Civil War and how these key events became the inspiration for this book. 

Balmaclellan Mirror - National Museums Scotland

The National Civil War Centre is reaching back more than 2,000 years to host a fascinating free talk on Thursday 17 December at 4pm.*

Dr Julia Farley, Curator of European Iron Age collections at the British Museum, will be in Newark to reflect on the two stunning Iron Age mirrors on display until the New Year.

Cropped version of Witcher General

Join us for a Halloween Half Term at the National Civil War Centre! Hear from the seventeenth-century witchfinder general, Matthew Hopkins. Learn the best way to track a witch, how to uncover their magical traits, and how to deal with them once uncovered, seventeenth-century style! One for all the family—just be careful you’re not accused! Also this week, try your hands at our creepy craft activities! All FREE with normal admission!

Watch this space for updates on specific crafts and timings or email to discover more.

Battle of Edge Hill

On a Warwickshire field, October 1642, two great armies faced one another for the first pitch battle of the British Civil War. Three hours later a thousand men were dead and over two thousand had been wounded.

The National Civil War Centre is delighted to welcome Simon Marsh of the Battlefields Trust to shed light on this intriguing and often misunderstood clash of arms. Join us on Saturday the 12th of September at 2.30pm for this fascinating talk.

See inside for event details and dates

Which side will you choose? The National Civil War Centre has a jam-packed family events programme this summer to help you decide. Will you be a Royalist Rogue or a Roundhead Rebel? Join us for storytelling, craft activities, musket demonstrations and much, much more. With events and activities running everyday there is something for everyone at the National Civil War Centre this summer. All events are FREE with normal admission.

17th century surgical instruments on show at Civil War Centre

August 7-8, 2015. Day 1 starts at 9:30 and ends at 19:00. Day 2 starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:00.

If you thought 17th century surgery was all about hacking away and hoping for the best then you are in for a big surprise! A major new exhibition will be unveiled at the National Civil War Centre in February next year, concentrating on the little known but totally fascinating subject of battlefield medicine and welfare during the epic British Civil Wars.

Saturday 1st August, 2:30pm start, National Civil War Centre, Newark.

We welcome up-and-coming author Jemahl Evans on the launch date of his exciting new book, The Last Roundhead. Join us for an in-conversation event to celebrate the book. Jemahl will take us through the historical basis for his novel and the events it is set against, including the besieged town of Newark. Jemahl will also be on-hand to sign your launch-day copies of the series.

Saturday 25th July, 2:30pm start, National Civil War Centre, Newark.

Michael Arnold, Sunday Times Historical Fiction Choice of the Year, is back with his latest book, Marston Moor. Join him at the National Civil War Centre for an in-conversation event to celebrate the launch of his latest book in the acclaimed Captain Stryker series—the Sharpe of the Civil War! Michael will also be on-hand to sign your copies of the series.

Saturday 18 July, 10am - 3:30pm.

If you've found a mystery object that could be an historic treasure you need to make a date to join us at the National Civil War Centre (NCWC) in Newark. An antiquities roadshow is being staged on Saturday 18 July with experts on hand, including Alastair Willis, Nottinghamshire Finds Liaison Officer, to identify and record objects unearthed by metal detectorists and the general public.

Saturday 20 June, 3pm to 4.30pm, National Civil War Centre, Newark

Canons blasted at the walls of Newark Castle, a thousand pikes engaged in a deadly struggle for supremacy and heroism against the odds. Over 1,000 Civil War re-enactors invaded Newark to mark the launch of the National Civil War Centre! The deadly sieges of Newark were commemorated by re-enactors from across the UK with pitch battles taking place across the besieged town of Newark.