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Top military history conference to take place in Newark

13 February 2017

The National Civil War Centre in Newark is to host the UK's top military history conference this summer.

World famous historians will deliver the exciting two day event on 30 June and 1 July in what could become a regular date for the Nottinghamshire museum, which charts the turmoil of the 17th century British Civil Wars.

“Hosting such a prestigious gathering is another feather in our cap,” said Mark Williamson from the National Civil War Centre.  “The breadth of the weekend is astonishing, with sessions ranging from the Battles of Agincourt and Bosworth to modern conflicts such as aerial bombing.  There'll be talks, debates, discussions and hands-on seminars, a military history fair, tours of the town and chance to examine wonderful artefacts from wars in the past.”

Amongst the speakers are experts from the Royal Armouries and Channel Four's Time Team.  The conference will be spread across the National Civil War Centre, which is partly housed in a Tudor grammar school built in 1532, and the adjoining Palace Theatre.  Michael Williamson added: 

“The conference will attract history fans from across the UK.  Some of the topics to be discussed sound fascinating.  What was it like to be in combat in conflicts ranging from the British Civil Wars to the Great Arab Revolt and how did armour protect its wearer? Did the Battle of  Passchendaele set the template for modern warfare and was the Duke of Wellington a genius or just an efficient battlefield manager.” 

The conference is being organised by Military History Live in conjunction with the National Civil War Centre and Military History Monthly magazine.  It will also include an awards ceremony for the best military history books of 2016.  

For tickets contact the National Civil War Centre on Appletongate, Newark, telephone 01636 655 755, or order online at  Early bird tickets before 28 February 2017 are priced at £135 for the weekend, with full-price tickets from 1 March £165.

Main sessions at the conference will include:

  • From Agincourt to Bosworth: arms, armour, and the English way of war (presentations, including arms and armour demonstrations)
  • Civil War siege: techniques and tactics 
  • Lawrence of Arabia: the man, the legend, the legacy
  • Passchendaele:  a very modern battle
  • Strategic bombing: intelligence, planning, and the combat experience
  • Wellington: military genius or mere manager of war?


Other sessions:

  • Walking tour: Newark Civil War Trail
  • Castle tour: Newark Castle
  • Gallery tour: National Civil War Centre and Shifting Sands exhibition
  • Field Exercise: Metal-detecting in conflict archaeology


Hands-on seminars:

  • Civil War combat experience
  • Crimean War combat experience
  • Western Front combat experience
  • Arab Revolt combat experience

Military History Monthly magazine will also announce the winners of its Book of the Year and Illustrated Book of the Year awards.  Sponsored by Casemate UK


Presenters and panellists include:

  • James Barr (author of A Line in the Sand)
  • Jeremy Black (Exeter University)
  • Tobias Capwell (The Wallace Collection)
  • Michael Constantine (National Civil War Centre)
  • Guy de la Bédoyère (Time Team)
  • Keith Dowen (Royal Armouries)
  • Taylor Downing (author of Spies in the Sky)
  • Neil Faulkner (editor of Military History Monthly)
  • Ian Fletcher (author of The Crimean War)
  • Patrick Mercer (author of The Battle of Inkerman)
  • Nick Saunders (Bristol University)
  • Roger Ward (Great Arab Revolt Project)
  • Jeremy Wilson (author of Lawrence of Arabia)
  • Kevin Winter (National Civil War Centre)

Military History Live can be found at and contacted via