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24 March 2016

What was the deadliest siege of the epic 17th century British Civil Wars? How many were there? A research team has toiled for months to find the answers and now a fabulous and first ever siege interactive has been unveiled at the National Civil War Centre in Newark. Some 300 sieges are included spanning the devastating wars that killed six percent of the English population and many more in Scotland and Ireland.

Clicking on a map you can discover what happened and who won. With so many sieges there is bound to be one near where you live.  A claim for the deadliest siege of all is the attack on Bolton in 1644 by Prince Rupert - the subsequent sacking of the town led to a massacre and the death of over 1,000 people, including many townsfolk.

Also in the top ten most destructive sieges are those at Colchester, Leicester and Wexford.