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20 April 2017

Re-enactors will fight pitch battles and stage living history displays in Newark over May Bank Holiday for the 3rd Pikes and Plunder event

13 April 2017

A unique original copy of Seven Pillars of Wisdom by Lawrence of Arabia  – bearing the hand written editing marks of its celebrated author – has gone on general display for the very first time at the National Civil War Centre.

15 March 2017

It was the biggest battle fought on English soil with over 40,000 soldiers desperately fighting for their cause on a summer's evening.

23 February 2017

Over 300 civil war re-enactors will descend on Newark, Nottinghamshire, during early May Bank Holiday as the clock is turned back to the mid-17th century.

13 February 2017

The National Civil War Centre in Newark is to host the UK's top military history conference this summer.

24 January 2017

A rare copy of a book that propelled King Charles I to martyrdom has been acquired by the National Civil War Centre in Newark.

10 January 2017

Over 300 civil war re-enactors will descend on Newark, Nottinghamshire, during early May Bank Holiday as the clock is turned back to the mid-17th century.

5 January 2017

Sleek and black with gleaming nickel plating it's the unlikeliest hit exhibit at the National Civil War Centre in Newark.

26 October 2016


He has been called a charlatan and fantasist – but a new exhibition lends credence to the account Lawrence of Arabia gave of his own extraordinary exploits in the desert.

What emerges according to one expert is the re-rehabilitation of a war hero.

4 August 2016

Chiefs at the National Civil War Centre in Newark are looking to recruit more volunteers to work at the rapidly expanding attraction.  Volunteer guides, room stewards and helpers have become a vital part of the £5.4m centre's operation, garnering universal praise on tourist review sites for their knowledge and enthusiasm.Some are history fans, whilst others simply love meeting people from across the world.

24 March 2016

What was the deadliest siege of the epic 17th century British Civil Wars? How many were there? A research team has toiled for months to find the answers and now a fabulous and first ever siege interactive has been unveiled at the National Civil War Centre in Newark. Some 300 sieges are included spanning the devastating wars that killed six percent of the English population and many more in Scotland and Ireland.

Clicking on a map you can discover what happened and who won. With so many sieges there is bound to be one near where you live.  A claim for the deadliest siege of all is the attack on Bolton in 1644 by Prince Rupert - the subsequent sacking of the town led to a massacre and the death of over 1,000 people, including many townsfolk.

Also in the top ten most destructive sieges are those at Colchester, Leicester and Wexford.

17 March 2016

NCWC Wheelchair Small

Surgeons who could remove a bladder stone in 50 seconds, military hospitals run with stern hygiene standards and a complex system of war pensions for the maimed, widowed and orphaned. Hardly sounds like the mid-17th century, but a new exhibition on medicine and welfare in the British Civil Wars will open eyes on what experts believe was a ground-breaking period.

3 February 2016


It has all the ingredients of a fantastic Hollywood blockbuster - gold smuggler, spy master and lover of a King! But this a true story -  which makes it even more surprising that most of us have never heard of Jane Whorwood, surely one of the most amazing women to emerge during the British Civil Wars. Now the National Civil War Centre plan to change that with fascinating and colourful family events on 13 and 20 February.

12 January 2016

Newark Civil War Small

The National Civil War Centre has revealed details of a major event to mark the 370th anniversary of the fall of Newark during the British Civil Wars. Re-enactors from across the UK will descend on the town on 1 and 2 May.

6 January 2016

Stone cannonball small

Do you have a mystery object that could be an historic treasure? Now you are can find out by coming along to the National Civil War Centre in Newark on Saturday 23 January where a finds roadshow is being staged by experts including Alastair Willis, Nottinghamshire Finds Liaison Officer.

10 December 2015

Christmas is Cancelled Bauble

The National Civil War Centre is marking Yuletide by sitting on the fence. The museum will open throughout the festive period apart from Christmas Day and New Year's Day to offer visitors the perfect holiday day out in Newark.‌