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The Civil War (1642-1646) had a significant impact on the residents and townscape of Newark. The National Civil War Trail (NCWT) will take you on a journey to explore the key sites around Newark such as Newark Castle and the Queen's Sconce. The app has been designed to allow you to experience the stories of local and national characters including King Charles I and John Twentyman (a local eye witness).

The stories are told through dramatic high quality film clips which can be viewed through a smartphone or tablet device when the content is triggered by Augmented Reality technology at each location (find out more about Augmented Reality below). A traditional paper version of the trail is also available from the National Civil War Centre and the trail can be followed in any order.

The app not only includes the Augmented Reality, it also contains an interactive timeline covering national and local events as well as an immersive 360 degree panoramic of Newark Castle during the Civil War and an addictive action packed game. 

Main Screen Shot   Outside Governors House


The 360 degree panoramic and additional levels of the game are exclusive content. The exclusive content can be unlocked by visiting the National Civil War Centre. Here you will discover a large portrait of King Charles I, who comes to life when triggered by the app, enabling the exclusive content.


Once you’ve tried the app, let us know how you found it! We’ve joined up with Nottingham University and have produced a survey in which you can tell us how good the app is. With your valuable feedback, we’ll be able to help make the app even better in the future. Just follow the link below.