National Civil War Centre

Topsy Turvy Summer

‌‌‌‌‌‌Saturday 20th July - Tuesday 3rd September

We're turning summer upside down with our fantastic family activities! Discover why the Civil War led to a 'World Turned Upside Down' with hilarious performances and topsy turvy craft activities! Plus, with our fantastic family discount, any group including a paying child receives 20% off admission!



These family friendly sessions involve a bit of audience participation and are always good fun.‌ Performances every day (except Sunday) at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm

Rant Man! 

Meet John Robins, King of the Ranters. Of all the strange and crazy sects that bothered England in the 17th century, the Ranters were the strangest and the craziest. Running the show was John Robins, who literally believed he was God (and then changed his mind!), sort of raised the dead and fought a curse war with the Curse Master himself, Lodowick Muggleton.

Curse Wars!

Meet Lodowick Muggleton, King of the Curse. Of all the strange and crazy sects that bothered England in the 17th century, the Muggletonians had the most ridiculous name. Running this show was Lodowick Muggleton, who liked nothing better than cursing anyone who didn't agree with him (which was almost everyone!). Come and hear how Mr Muggleton started a curse war with the wild and crazy Ranters AND the peace-loving Quakers. But don't be late. You wouldn't want him to curse you!

The Posh Prophetess

If you think 17th century fortune tellers were common old crones then think again! Lady Eleanor Davies was as posh as they come and could prophesy with the best of them. Unfortunately, everybody Lady Eleanor prophesied about seemed to die a horrible death. So come and meet Lady Eleanor and hear her tragic story, but for goodness sake, don't let her tell your fortune!


Family Craft Activities

11am to 4pm every day.

Life Masks
Saturday 20th July - Sunday 4th August

Find out what Cromwell looked like and make a mask of your own famous face!  

Support Your King!
Monday 5th - Sunday 18th August

Become an undercover supporter of the King and make yourself some jewellery or treasure with a hidden message.

Begone Witch!
Monday 19th August - Tuesday 3rd September

Protect yourself from witchcraft with a magical Witch Bottle.