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Surrey in the Civil War with Historian Ralph Thompson

‌‌‌Saturday 16th March, 2.30pm

This fascinating talk outlines the importance of Surrey in terms of trade and economic‌ significance during the Civil War. Historian Ralph Thompson will examine why the county, despite being seemingly on the periphery of the Great Rebellion, became inextricably linked to the capital and the primary arena of political events after 1641. Thompson, part of The National Archive's Early Modern Team, will also explore the interaction between the provincial powers such as those of the military Southern Association; the civic corporations, like those at Kingston on Thames and Farnham;
the opposing factions (including the far-ranging parliamentary forces under Sir William Waller and the resolute resistance to this from the Marquis of Winchester)
and their ultimate relationship to the wider conflict in the South-West and Midlands.
The talk will conclude with an assessment of Leveller activism and 'revolted royalism'
at the end of the 1640s.


*This continues our programme of monthly talks free with general admission. All talks
are included with an annual pass.