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Fun & Feasts

Saturday 1st - Monday 17th April

‌Everybody knows that the Cavaliers loved to party and the Roundheads were scary Puritan killjoys. But
the biggest party animal of them all was Oliver Cromwell. So come hear Cromwell’s BFF Edmund
Ludlow tell how the same man that banned Christmas also loved a good custard pie fight.  If that all
sounds too messy then why not dice with death and learn what games Civil War soldiers played before
they went into battle.




Oliver Cromwell: Party Animal

Every day except Sunday 2nd & 9th at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm 



When he wasn’t banning Christmas, Oliver Cromwell really liked to party.  Join Cromwell’s best bud Edmund Ludlow to find out how the Lord Protector turned his daughter’s wedding into a food fight and found time for some hard partying during the execution of Charles I and the Battle of Dunbar.

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Craft Activities



Dicing With Death

1st - 6th April 10am-4pm 


When the battlefield drums were silent, they became gaming tables and soldiers whiled away their last hours with dice. Come and find out what Civil War dice looked like and try some games old and new. 

Battle of the Boards
7th - 12th April 10am-4pm

Try gaming 17th century style and find out what soldiers and their families played before the XBox. Try a famous game played by soldiers and sailors today.

Eggstreme Secrets
13th - 17th April 10am-4pm

Learn about how eggs were used to send secret messages in the Civil War. Be part of the conspireggsy by creating your own coded message and decorating an Easter Egg to hide it in.