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From Regicide to Royal Oak: Remembering a Revolution

Saturday 27th May, 2.30pm

‌In January 1649 Charles I, King of England, was found guilty of treason against his own people. On the 30th of that month he was executed at Whitehall:  on the scaffold his last words to his subjects were ‘Remember’. But what, exactly, was an appropriate way to commemorate the death of a King at the
hands of his own subjects?

Join Imogen Peck, researcher at the University of Bristol, to mark Royal Oak Day – an annual celebration of the return of the monarchy – as she explores the struggle that occurred in early modern England over the commemoration of that most difficult of memories, the killing of a King. From memorial jewellery to ‘Regicide Day’ poetry and even cutlery made from the King, it reveals the many different ways the English people attempted to
remember this revolution, as well as some of problems that these memories posed, both personally and politically.

Talk length: 50 mins approx.

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