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Fake News Feb

‌‌Saturday 16th - Sunday 24th February

Extra! Extra! Read all about it this half term with our fantastic family activities! The 17th century shared more in common with today than you might think and one of those things was 'fake news'. Propaganda was everywhere during the Civil War, from caricatures of commanders to hugely overblown reports of victories and even allegations of witchcraft! Discover more about these sensational stories and bogus bulletins in our programme of hilarious performances and craft sessions.


These family friendly sessions involve a bit of audience participation and are always ‌good fun. Performances run every day except Sundays at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm.

Femme Faux-tell 
During the Civil War running a printing works was one of the very few jobs a woman was allowed to do. The Civil War was the best time to be a printer as print news was big business! It was gory, dramatic, spectacularly illustrated and, best of all, didn't even have to be true! Join a female printer who'll describe how she helped both Roundheads and Cavaliers to bend, twist and spin the news to suit their own devices!


Family Craft Activities

10am to 4pm every day

Historic Hoaxes 

Invent a fake object for our upcoming Fake News exhibition! Museums are full of fascinating objects but how do we know they're really what they say they are? Create your own Historic Hoax from our vast range of materials and it might even go up in our galleries!