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Besieged Again!

‌‌‌Saturday 26th May - Sunday 3rd June

Major General Ballard failed spectacularly in his Civil War siege of Newark but this ‘Rubbish Roundhead’ wants to set the record straight. Hear his side and decide for yourself whether he’s a misunderstood hero or whiny coward. Then mint your own siege coin which you can wear home
as a lucky charm and make a money box for hoarding your loot.



‌These family friendly sessions involve a bit of audience participation and are always good fun. Performances every day (except ‌‌Sunday).

The Rubbish Roundhead

Every day except Sundays at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm 

With a force of 6,000 soldiers Major General Ballard was the first man to try and capture Newark during the Civil War. He failed, spectacularly; the events at Newark seriously damaging his reputation. But Thomas Ballard wants to set the record straight. Misunderstood hero or whinging, whining coward? Come see the man and decide for yourself.


Family Craft Activities

10am to 4pm every day

Lucky Strike
Saturday 26th - Wednesday 30th May

Make your own siege coin to wear as a lucky charm!

Half Term Hoard
Thursday 31st May - Sunday 3rd June

Create a money box for hoarding away your treasure!